European fusion, wine, and songs that everyone knows
Natasha - karaoke and restaurant on Koh Samui. Everything sings here: from bop hits to Cardi B. There is only one rule - the song must come from the heart.

Natasha's cuisine is a European fusion: oysters and seafood on the menu are side by side with borsch and chicken pate. Priority on wines and spirit drinks. Natasha is the most exotic, but at the same time such an understandable restaurant on the island.
Top dishes from our menu
Carefully curated combinations - a cuisine that leaves no one indifferent.
Mushroom cream soup with different textures
Classic mushroom soup is too boring - we added truffle oil and fried mushrooms to it.

240 В
Chicken pate with mango
Classic chicken pate served like in finest places of Paris. Glazed with mango sauce with almond patals

270 В
Curry risotto with white fish
Arborio rice risotto with yellow curry, parmesan, butter, carrots, onions, and white fish salted in thyme-infused oil

350 В
Artemy Yakornev
Chef of NATASHA restaurant
A professional who trained under the best chefs in France. He skillfully combines Western and Eastern cooking techniques using local ingredients. The chef not only created the menu but also meticulously oversees the cooking process in the kitchen.
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